For Retune Music second various artist release named “the usual suspects” we see an explosion of techno, house and tech house familiar to Retune but also a new form of these sounds so crisp, clean and all around banging they are sure to bring on bouts of (RLS) restless leg syndrome. Looking through the track listing you are sure to see some names you recognize and a few you dont but those Retune sounds bleed through beautifully mixing the old with the new for an amazing sound NOW!


1.4k3 – Lovesick
2.pete bones/multiplemono
3.ivo c – airbone
4.dubet – way of love
5.mollinedo-keeper (facundo mohrr remix)
6.jhony vaz – tonic
7.Monstaub – dirty joy
8.vostok – system09 ( chu5 remix)
9.rjay murphy – hypnosquare
10.villeda/ lou flores – two hours of sleep
11.wild romantic – giuseppe leonradi
12.toto lopez – living the now

Commng soon!

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